This game is definitely different.

I am a gamer. A COMPUTER gamer.

Yes, a shoot em up, loud explosions, up all night computer gamer. Its a good hobby for an insomniac like me. A bit embarrasing for a 40 year old, but there are many more embarrassing hobbies out there. Model trains anyone? Stamp Collecting? Did those too. Not any more.

I recently was passed this game for consideration. Peacemaker is a game where the goal is to win peace in the Middle East. Now, I was a bit surprised too, and I’ll admit that I snickered a bit, thinking, “a peace game, that’ll sell”.

It’s an educational tool however, a discussion provoking tool, and it’s actually fun and challenging. Look at the people that have seen and endorsed this idea.

Impact Games is located in Pittsburgh, PA. You can download a demo of the game here.

They are looking for Beta-Testers. Sign up here.



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