Cable Cut Mania!

Only a bunch of techies could get whipped into a frenzy by the Internet going down – in Iran. As I have mentioned, and many others have mentioned, several undersea cables in the middle east have been cut. While many think this odd, and worthy of interest, and perhaps suspicious, others have gone a bit farther. This person seems to have been researching this since the first cable cut over a week ago, and these guys have lots of charts!

While I for one am skeptical about the likelihood of this many cables going down concurrently, I am however, awaiting judgment on it’s role in any number of nefarious world domination schemes. Here’s a cool chart of the Internet’s Undersea World,, and an old soviet era underground sub base you could use in case you wanted to build your own undersea lair.

Some folks are less than thrilled with the The Internet Traffic Report site that many (including) myself have used to determine Iran’s Internet availability. There are many .ir sites that are still functional.

The one scheme I am holding out for is the disruption of the opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse. Read this bold proclamation by the Iranian Finance Minister about the opening of the long delayed Bourse, complete with predictions of doom for the United States Economy, on a .ir site that is up.

The new oil market will be the first outside of the US or London, and will not trade in dollars, but will base its trades on the Euro, dealing a blow to the dollar. The opening of the Bourse has reportedly been delayed again by the recent outages, one of many in a long series of delays for the Bourse.

One could see many interests in the U.S. not wanting the Bourse to open. couldn’t they? Anyone who has read anything about Peak Oil would be a little suspicious.

… or maybe it was this guy:

The Incredible Mr. Limpet


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  1. […] past two weeks about the many fiber optic telecommunications cables being cut in the middle east, including here, that someone wrote a Wikipedia Article about the disruptions and the theories surrounding those […]

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