Is that Ron Jeremy over at

Dollar Guy JeremyI got a pop up ad from McDonald’s today. Their semantic auto-targeting online advertising software must be pure genius, I will admit. But there was something even creepier than that in my ad, RON JEREMY.

Yep, The porn star seems to have moved on to more mainstream media. His likeness seems to have at least been an inspiration for the, for lack of a better word – inspiring – fast food loving character, who seems to revel in his abject poverty, and shabby attire. The Dollar Menu Guy is the human embodiment of tacky.

While there is something to be said for the advertising to your target market, embracing that your target market is mostly poor is probably not as good an idea. The tape on the furniture, the clothes drying on the radiator, and the lawn chair don’t look as much like fun to me, as they do symptoms of poverty.

Choosing a character whose likeness reminds one of long nights with porn starlets and cocaine, is likely as good as it gets when you are selling crappy $1 hamburgers at 2 a.m. from the drive through. So, thank you McDonald’s for keeping The Hedgehog working, if only in spirit. Time is definitely not on Ron’s side for much longer, and he could probably use the work. Don’t count him out yet though, but there are not too many 60 year old male porn stars working I suspect.

Finally, this is not the first corporate giant to borrow the high visibility actor’s image. Rumors of Nintendo’s copyright infringement against Jeremy swept the web just a few years ago…

Ron Jeremy Mario


One Response to Is that Ron Jeremy over at

  1. I would have said Geraldo, since Jeremy’s so fat and reallllllly ugly.

    ed. -lol – mark

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