About Me


My name is Mark Kirsch.

I am a computer consultant. Before you groan, I assure you that I did not choose this profession on purpose. It found me. But that’s a story for another day.

Like most consultants of any sort, I spend an inordinate amount of my time on the internet. Between the harrowing search for the latest hardware drivers, or as some would say “wasting” my time while waiting for some software package to install, I spend many hours each day on the internet. Likely, too many.

What I really wanted to be however, was an advertising guy, like Darren Stevens on “Bewitched”. I moved to NYC after college, and worked at an ad agency for a few years. Specifically, I wanted to be a copywriter.

Reality closed in quickly though, and I found that I could make more money doing what I do now, which is network infrastructure and other cool web stuff. But I still like to write.

So, I am going to write about my findings, my life, and our world. Keep tuning in, I come across a lot of information that I dig up in my travels across cyberspace. Remember I get paid to search the web. And I seem to like it.

WARNING: You may actually find useful information here from time to time amidst the silly pictures and random stuff.

No worries…



4 Responses to About Me

  1. drandyreese says:

    Nice BLOG!!!

  2. PhillyDog says:

    Nice job. Some thought actually went into these entries. And I thought you had killed those brain cells long ago.

  3. Matt says:

    Hey I read and checked out your setup for an amazing gaming machine under $700. I must say, I’m impressed. But I need to know, do you use vista or xp on that machine? I currently have vista on my laptop, and I hate it, but xp can’t handle the core 2 duo processor, so I had to keep vista. But the point is, I want a gaming desktop with xp, I love you setup for under $700, but the main games I play only work for xp, or at least work with without any big problems like vista has, so do you use xp? If so, I’m gonna purchase your setup and xp home immediately, uless you think pro will work work better for gaming, I’m not very experienced on the subject. Thank you so much for displaying that setup, you’re a life saver!

  4. Eric says:

    Also if i may say, Nice BLOG! Interesting Reading for those interested in Logical Thinking. Cool Stuff!

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