McCain Response to the Obama “Yes we can” video

February 11, 2008

I just got this new link to John McCain’s response to the Barack Obama “Yes we can” video. It is entitled All I can say is, wow.


This is change, Mrs. Clinton?

February 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton has replaced Patty Solis Doyle as her campaign manager with Maggie Williams, her top White House aide while Hillary was first lady. It seems that many democrats are not happy with this selection, as Maggie has a history of campaign finance corruption ,and her purported involvement in other past scandals, including Vince Foster’s Death. Solis Doyle’s reason for leaving? To “spend more time with her family”. All I can say to that is – Now? Really?

Over at The Huffington post, Arianna has brought back information from 1997 detailing Williams’ involvement with the Johnny Chung campaign finance scandal. ABC News Political Blogs also mention Maggie William’s connections to illegal fundraising. It seems odd to me that Hillary has hurriedly asked a prominent African American, to revive a suddenly struggling campaign, desperate to raise money, huh?

Barack Obama? He is raising far more money than Clinton, picked up key Hispanic endorsements, and, won a Grammy, over the weekend. Hillary’s campaign will of course go on however, until we have a mess at the Democratic Convention.

This race is going down to the wire, and this could be one of the most interesting, and historically important, presidential races in history. It will also be interesting to see how many stops the Clinton’s are willing to pull out to get back to the White House.


February 9, 2008

I have been feeling a bit philosophical about things lately. Many people have emailed to let me know how much they enjoyed the Barack Obama video mashup from YouTube. So, I wondereded to myself, WHY? What was the big deal about this campaign speech.

The compilation of soundbites from Obama’s post victory campaign speech in South Carolina is a mashup of Obama’s spoken word and the same words set to, or sung by, pop recording artists. The words are powerful, his voice booming. Again and again you hear him repeat two themes – hope and change.

When speaking about the critics that have said he is giving people “false hope”, Obama replies:

‘In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.”

When talking about healing,

“Remember, that there is something happening in America. That we are not as divided as our politics would suggest. That we are one people, that we are one nation, and together we will begin the next great chapter in the American story, with three words that will ring from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea… Yes, we can. Yes, we can.”

I like to believe in the idea of hope. Hope for my children. Hope for a better world for all of us. Hope is such a powerful word, one that carries such promise. This is the most important Presidential election of our generation, and I am having a hard time thinking of a more important message right now than HOPE. As a reference, can you think of many worse ways to feel than hopeless?

I hope for an end to the corruption, fear mongering, and lies that got us into war in Iraq in the first place..

I hope for the future, for healing, and most importantly, for peace.


Can we change? Can we as a nation, as a people, change?

Yes, we can.

I believe in hope.

The Obama “Yes We Can” Video From YouTube

February 7, 2008

Obama Button

We’ve all heard of mashups by now, right? Check out this amazing YouTube video featuring a mashup of Barack Obama’s spoken words put to music. It features an all star cast, led by of the Black Eyed Peas. It was inspired by Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech that he delivered following his win in the South Carolina primary.

Convincing argument for Obama over Clinton by Lawrence Lessig

February 6, 2008

Obama Button

Lawrence Lessig writes on his blog of his decision to endorse Barack Obama, and why. This could be one of the single most convincing arguments I have see for any political candidate. His analysis of the differences between Obama is laid out fact by fact for each candidate, based on Lessig three criteria: moral character, integrity, and what each candidate will do once in office. His analysis is based on facts, and each candidates past shown behavior. Oh, and parts of the presentation are written using text messaging abbreviations, flickr images, and web slang, so it’s also amusing to watch.

Lessig is a professor of law at Stanford Law School, and founder of its Center for Internet and Society. He is the founder and CEO of the Creative Commons and a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and of the Software Freedom Law Center. Here is a link to a more extensive Bio on his website if you are interested.

As someone who known for his dedication to protecting our privacy rights and constitutional freedoms, Lessig is someone I genuinely respect for their judgment. He talks openly about his past support for the Clintons and why he has since left them, and why Obama is the right man not only for the democrats, but for the country, and the world.

Yes, I know its a political endorsement, and thus, is prone to be biased by nature. It is. But his arguments still hold water, and the criteria that Lessig used in measuring the Democratic contenders will be just as useful in analyzing the Republican candidates. Watch the video.

The Kennedy’s are on board with Obama! Clintons get stood up.

January 28, 2008

Well, it seems like Barrack Obama is the next Jack Kennedy, at least according to the Kennedy’s. This is actually big news, since the Kennedy’s have long been allies with the Clinton’s.

Caroline, says Obama reminds her of her dad. “I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president – not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans,” she wrote in an Editorial in the NY Times.

Patrick, Ted’s son, himself a congressman from Massachusetts, is set to appear with Obama at the “Stand for Change” rally the Obama campaign is holding at American University in Washington, D.C. on Monday, sources said.

Seems Patrick will hit the campaign trail for Obama too. He’s bringing ideas and support from old Kennedy cronies with him. John Kennedy’s supporters and staffers from the 60’s. Thats the 1960’s, not the upper East Side, for you New Yorkers. Aren’t all of those guys 80 now? If they were even 40 they would be pushing 90 now. That’s some fresh new ideas.

Ted Kennedy made a statement through his people, and was seen headed for the bar.  OK, no, he didn’t, but he went to the same rally today and said this:

“There was another time, when another young candidate was running for President and challenging America to cross a New Frontier. He faced public criticism from the preceding Democratic President, who was widely respected in the party. Harry Truman said we needed “someone with greater experience”—and added: “May I urge you to be patient.” And John Kennedy replied: “The world is changing. The old ways will not do…It is time for a new generation of leadership.” 

“So it is with Barack Obama. He has lit a spark of hope amid the fierce urgency of now. ”

This is a very surprising announcement.  Ted just told a 20 year colleague and ally that he was leaving her camp.  And reincarnated his brother as a black man. 

It also makes you wonder – if astute political operators like the Kennedy’s are leaving the Clinton camp, is Hillary losing her ability to win?