Good news continues for Obama, not so much for Clintons

February 15, 2008

Obama Button

In continuing trends, the good news continues from the Obama camp. In the latest primaries Obama has cut deeply into Hillary Clinton’s base, and continues to win convincingly in red states, where he was not expected to do well. The 2 million member strong SEIU Union gave Obama a critical endorsement, and this just in from the New York Times:

“Representative John Lewis, an elder statesman from the civil rights era and one of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most prominent black supporters, said Thursday night that he planned to cast his vote as a superdelegate for Senator Barack Obama in hopes of preventing a fight at the Democratic convention.”

Over in Clinton’s camp? Bill has been accused of misusing campaign mailing lists to garner millions in consulting fees in trade for lists of supporters. Mark Penn, Hillary’s chief strategist was tied to controversial nuclear firm, Exelon, and shown to have accepted nearly a $250,000 in consulting fees from them.

Hillary is also being railed for missing a critical vote on the FISA Bill extension, including immunity for Telecoms who aided in warrentless wiretaps on United States citizens. Obama missed the vote to be fair, and he was in DC. Mrs. Clinton was campaigning in Texas, as her new strategy is to bank everything on Ohio and Texas.

The Clinton campaign is losing the financing race badly, and Hillary has vowed to take the Democratic nomination even if she does not win the popular vote, but persuades enough superdelegates to vote for her at the convention, her campaign advisers say. She even had her own surreal Coast to Coast Town Hall meetings – that nobody noticed.

This election is starting to look one sided to everyone but the Clintons. I hope they start to notice soon for all our sakes.


What the heck is a Superdelegate?

February 12, 2008

SupermanSuperdelegates! The word is everywhere. It seems that the Democratic nomination may come down to being decided by these superdelegates. I had some questions – What are they? Who are they? How does this all work? So let’s see…

From Wikipedia – At the 2008 Democratic National Convention superdelegates will include all Democratic members of the United States Congress, Democratic governors, various additional elected officials, members of the Democratic National Committee, as well as “all former Democratic Presidents, all former Democratic Vice Presidents, all former Democratic Leaders of the U.S. Senate, all former Democratic Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Democratic Minority Leaders, as applicable, and all former Chairs of the Democratic National Committee.” Barack Obama and Hillary are both superdelegates.

There is an exception, however, for superdelegates who endorse another party’s candidate for President; they lose their superdelegate status. In 2008, Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman was disqualified as a superdelegate because he endorsed Republican John McCain. A detailed list of superdelegates and how they are projected to vote can be found here at the 2008 Democratic Convention Watch.

Donnie Fowler over at The Huffington Post, says that his dad is a superdelegate and that “we have nothing to fear” from the superdelegates. Some other folks are not so easily reassured. The Washington Post has a great article on superdelegates and how they are being courted. Bill and Chelsea Clinton have been calling superdelegates personally to ask for their support.

A new CBS Poll has Obama ahead, including the superdelegates. Other people are sure that Obama is Winning.

The real issue it seems is that the superdelegates are voting along similar lines as the general population, and that more importantly, the margins of victory or defeat in Ohio and Texas are even more important. This race will go down to the wire. Let’s just hope that There won’t be a Superdelegate Train Wreck come this summer.

It really just comes down to this doesn’t it – who can beat John McCain in the fall? I believe that the Democrats superdelegates will ultimately support whichever candidate gives them their best chance to beat John McCain. As we all know, A rising tide floats all boats, and the Democrats will all be better off with either candidate in office, wouldn’t they?